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Griffith & Vary, Inc. has extensive experience in the design of HVAC systems that can accommodate any project from a small office environment through large scale energy plant installations.  Regardless of project scale, Griffith & Vary, Inc. is recognized as a leader in energy efficient, green design through the careful application of modern, state of the art HVAC systems. The following illustrates the firm’s technical design expertise: High Pressure and Low Pressure Steam Boiler Plant Design, Chilled Water Plant Design, Combined Heat and Power System Design, Commercial HVAC System Design, Healthcare HVAC System Design, Laboratory HVAC System Design, Institutional and Educational System Design, Industrial Ventilation and Exhaust System Design, Natatorium HVAC System Design, Clean Room HVAC System Design, Geothermal/Ground Source Heat Pump System Design, Snow Melting Systems, Solar Heating Systems, Radiant Heating Systems, Energy Audits and Feasibility Studies and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Griffith & Vary, Inc. can provide exceptional electrical engineering design for a multitude of projects through its open minded approach to energy efficiency through responsible design and careful system selection. Griffith & Vary, Inc. has electrical engineering experience in the following specialties: Power Distribution, Sound Communication, Lighting Design, Site Lighting Design, Fire Alarm, Security Systems, Emergency Power, Lighting Controls, Energy Studies and Lighting Protection System.



Throughout its 25 years of business, Griffith & Vary, Inc. has always considered water conservation to be an integral component of responsible design. Therefore, with this in mind, the following indicates the types of systems that Griffith & Vary, Inc. have designed: Domestic Water Systems, Domestic Water Heating Systems, Sanitary and Storm Water Drainage Systems, Acid Waste and Neutralization Systems, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems, Compressed Air Systems, Vacuum Waste Systems, Site Utilities, Site Drainage Systems and Fuel Gas Systems

Fire protection systems must be designed to perform flawlessly, without exception. Griffith & Vary, Inc. understands this completely and therefore has always put life safety at the top of the priority list throughout the design process. Fire Protection experience is as follows: Sprinkler Systems, Standpipes, Fire Pumps (Diesel and Electric) and Computer Room Fire Suppression Systems

In recent years Griffith & Vary, Inc. has added commissioning services to its resume in an effort to assure building owners that the specified systems are installed in full compliance of the specification and perform in an energy efficient, code compliant manner at the completion of the project.  Due to the firm’s hands-on approach to design and construction, building commissioning was a natural evolution. Commissioning Services includes the following: Design Process Involvement, Submittal Review Involvement, Construction Observation and Documentation, System Operation Verification and Documentation, Building Management System Operation Verification and Documentation and Troubleshooting Assistance



Griffith & Vary, Inc. is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and has been involved with numerous high profile LEED Certified projects as well as many projects designed under the MA-CHPS and NE-CHPS programs.  We feel that as an innovative MEP firm, responsible design must include the latest in energy saving technology.

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