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Griffith & Vary, Inc. has extensive experience in the design of HVAC systems that can accommodate any project from a small office environment through large scale energy plant installations.  Regardless of project scale, Griffith & Vary, Inc. is recognized as a leader in energy efficient, green design through the careful application of modern, state of the art HVAC systems. The following illustrates the firm’s technical design expertise:


High Pressure and Low Pressure Steam Boiler Plant Design

Chilled Water Plant Design

Combined Heat and Power System Design

Commercial HVAC System Design

Healthcare HVAC System Design

Laboratory HVAC System Design

Institutional and Educational System Design

Industrial Ventilation and Exhaust System Design

Natatorium HVAC System Design

Clean Room HVAC System Design

Geothermal/Ground Source Heat Pump System Design

Snow Melting Systems

Solar Heating Systems

Radiant Heating Systems

Energy Audits and Feasibility Studies

Life Cycle Cost Analysis


Advanced Tech

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